3D Planning in Orthognathic Surgery



Since 2018, Mr. Manisali has been using patient specific planning in the majority of orthognathic surgery and other complex reconstructive cases.

This method involves creating a 3D reconstruction of the facial skeleton from CT scan data and then manipulation of this data to make the necessary facial bony changes with the assistance of a software technician over a web meeting.

Mr. Manisali works with De Puy Synthes (Tru-match) company in this respect. Once the plan is agreed, the company then constructs patient specific cutting guides and plates made of titanium, utilised during surgery.

The major benefits for the patients are:

Versatile tool to achieve complicated planning

Accurate operative application of the plan

Potentially shortened operating time

Excellent communication tool with the patient

Allowing patient comment/contribution in the treatment plan

However, it needs to be borne in mind that prediction of facial soft tissue changes are not accurate, hence it still requires a significant surgical knowledge and experience to achieve good and predictable results.

Mr. Manisali has been carrying out orthognathic surgery in the last 25 years and feels that this method has provided a significant progress in this field.

Post-operative Analysis: Pre-operative position

Post-operative Analysis: Planned position

Post-operative Analysis: Post-operative position

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