Chin Surgery – Genioplasty


Genioplasty (also known as Mentoplasty) is a plastic surgery procedure to improve the shape or position of the chin. Reshaping the chin might be required for a variety of reasons and could include enhancing the chin with an implant surgery on the bone.

Why choose Genioplasty? 

Genioplasty offers an aesthetic improvement on the chin, without resorting to introducing an implant, and with the added benefit of having the ability to increase or decrease chin prominence.

What does Genioplasty involve? 

While you are under general anaesthetic, your surgeon will make an incision in your mouth to access the area that requires reshaping. There are several types of reshaping: Horizontal, Vertical or a Combination. If your chin juts out, your surgeon can remove some of the chin bone or slide part of the chin backwards. This horizontal procedure can be reversed for a recessed chin. Added or removing bone or chin implants can increase or decrease the vertical length of your chin.  

The operation normally takes 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the alterations required on the chin and jawline. A special chin guard should be used to help control swelling. Brushing teeth should be done regularly in areas away from the wound.

Are there any complications? 

As with all surgical procedures, care should be taken after the operation. Bruising and swelling are expected however, these should be reduced after 7-10 days.  

Chewing should be avoided for about a week as this may cause your sutures to break down and result in infection. A soft food or liquid diet should be followed, and you should rinse every morning, after every meal and before bed with an antiseptic rinse. Brushing your teeth should be done regularly with a soft bristled brush. 

Your surgeon will discuss any concerns you may have prior to surgery.